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As a national sales and marketing company, we are looking to hire the right candidates for our account management positions. Managing the growth in Midtown Manhattan on behalf of our clients, we look to acquire and maintain new customers for them. Providing all of the necessary training, we are looking for our team members to grow and develop within their role.


One of the key aspects of our company culture is our training process. No two people learn exactly the same way, everyone’s minds work in different ways. With that in mind, we have developed a structured training program, allowing us to cater to the learning styles of the people on our teams.

Business Meeting

Classroom Training

Many people are visual learners. We provide daily, in-house training to show visuals, demonstrate our systems, and allow for interactive questions.

Computer Tutorials

Online Training

Our clients provide us with online materials and modules so that our trainees can get ahead of the game.


Hands-On Training

One of the best ways to learn is by doing. We provide 1-on-1 field training with our top leaders for all of our new people, allowing them to see first-hand how to be successful.

Business Meeting

Coaching & Mentoring

Along with our training program comes a direct mentorship. Each of our trainees is paired with one of our top leaders for guidance throughout their program.

Men with Calculator

Finances & Budgeting

Our goal is to teach our team members the ins and outs of business. In order to manage a business, we must first be able to manage ourselves. By starting with our own break evens and learning to budget ourselves and our own finances, we can then better understand the finances of a business.

White File Folders

Planning & Organizing

For some, organization comes easy, for others it’s an acquired skill. We will provide our associates with the tools and systems needed to plan their time as effective and productive as possible.

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