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Managment Training Program

Business Plan


We offer year-round internships in Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, and Leadership Development. Our programs last about 10-15 weeks and cover all needed requirements for school credit. We look to cross train in all areas including, but not limited to, brand development, customer service and acquisitions, team management, and HR and administration.

Business Discussion

Account Executives

We’re looking for a few things during the entry level positions. We want look for our AE’s to be coachable, reliable, hard-working, and to have a strong attitude. Account Executives are learning the about basic sales and marketing systems, how to manage themselves, and to perform customer acquisitions/service.

Business Meeting

Corporate Trainer

While maintaining their prior responsibilities, Corporate Trainers now take on a leadership role. Not only are they responsible for still hitting standards, they begin to coach and develop a team, as well. Our team leaders are learning the interview process, training, money management, and much more.


Assistant Manager

Our Assistant Managers are preparing to take the big step towards management. They are learning all of the key components of running a market for our clients. AM’s work closely with management, taking an active role in the full interview process, making daily training plans, and maintaining client relationships. Travel opportunities to go learn from other locations frequently arise. 

A business meeting

Managing Director

This is where all of the responsibility lies. Managers are responsible for everything from day to day operations to client management, team development to daily recruitment. Our Managers oversee teams of 15-30 people, coach and mentor reps, manage finances, and plan for the company growth.

Business Meeting

What We Look For

- Strong communication skills

- Interpersonal skills

- Student mentality and coachable

- Unwavering work ethic

- Leadership ability

- Goal oriented and self-driven mentality

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